The only thing in this world that is constant is none other than Change itself.

How well do you embrace Change? As an individual and as a business?

When the time comes for a change, what do you do? Do you resist and blame everybody else – the economy, your customers, your competitors, the government, but yourself? Or are you the type of business person who embraces and ever ready for Change?

Let’s face it, Change is and will forever be a part of our lives. In fact we experienced Change the very first moment we were conceived in our Mother’s womb. How do we become who we are today? You’ve guessed it, Change! We didn’t forever remain a fetus, did we? We grow, we changed, from phases to phases, to what we are today!

So if Change is a part of our lives, doesn’t it make sense for us to accept and embrace it? And always be prepared for it? Life by itself is a very sacred and wonderful phenomenon. And Change is one of the things that make life so amazing and precious.

People usually resist change because Change forces them out of their comfort zone. But a wise man once said “a comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there”. If you want to create the mindset of a happy and successful person, you have to accept that the best things in life happen at the exit ramp of your comfort zone.

So, don’t resist Change. Accept and always be prepared to change. Grab it by the horns and just enjoy the ride of a lifetime that it offers!